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image Real Estate Communication: The Property PR Advantage

In real estate, success depends on effective communication. Property PR transforms listings, builds trust and navigates challenges, making it essential for success in property transactions.

5 February 2024


Your Company Reputation: Why it’s Important for Success

Discover the pivotal role of company reputation in success – influencing customer choices, employee satisfaction and industry trust. Learn how public relations strategies shape and safeguard this vital asset.

2 February 2024
Creating Compelling Digital PR Campaigns for the UK Market

Let’s explore the key elements of crafting a compelling campaign that truly connects with your target audience

1 February 2024
Elevate your Business: The JamPrime Approach to Business PR

Discover the JamPrime approach to Business PR, emphasising authenticity, tailored messaging, social media engagement and crisis management as the key pillars for elevating your communication strategy, and building a positive brand reputation.

29 January 2024
Montage of Top-Tier Media Coverage Secured by JamPrime for Stannp.com's Direct Mail Campaign
This is how we landed 43 top-tier digital PR links for our marketing client

Discover how JamPrime secured 43 top-tier PR links for Stannp.com, transforming their direct mail business. From tackling email fatigue to leveraging physical mail’s impact, see our digital PR success story! #DigitalPR #SEO #LinkBuilding”

26 January 2024
Beyond the Basics: The Comprehensive Services of Public Relations Firms

Modern public relations firms like JamPrime serve as strategic partners, guiding businesses in effective communication and brand resonance. It’s not just about contacting the media and handling emergencies – there’s more than meets the eye.

26 January 2024
How Copywriting Services at JamPrime Drive Conversions

In the online business world, JamPrime’s copywriting turns words into customer conversions. Need a spark in your copy? Let’s chat and boost your brand’s impact!

22 January 2024
Medical PR: Building a Strong Reputation in the Industry

Today, your medical online presence isn’t just info—it’s genuine connection. A positive PR pulse weaves personal narratives, holds hands with a patient-centric approach and dances through the digital scene, creating lasting trust.

19 January 2024
Creating Captivating Medical PR Narratives with JamPrime

In the dynamic landscape of medical PR, JamPrime emerges as the storyteller, seamlessly merging wellness and words. Crafting narratives that humanise healthcare, we transform information into relatable stories that resonate on a deeply personal level, ensuring your message stands out in the crowded PR landscape.

15 January 2024
Illustration of modern digital email communication showcasing various email icons and security symbols
Why Google and Yahoo’s new emails rules are great for Digital PR’s

In the world of PR, staying ahead of the game is key, and that’s never been truer than now, with Google and Yahoo rewriting the email rulebook. As PR pros, we need to roll up our sleeves and dive into these new standards, making sure our email strategies are not just good, but gold-standard.

14 January 2024
The Power of Brand PR: Elevating Your Brand Image

Brand PR shapes public perception; crafting first impressions is key. Positive media coverage and transparently handling challenges define brand resilience. Whether startup or established, JamPrime elevates your brand with expertise.

12 January 2024
A couple joyfully running across a beach, embodying the spirit of holiday adventure and excitement, linked to JamPrime's digital PR campaign for Sunshine Saturday.
Here’s how we landed 19 top-tier digital PR links for our travel client

Discover how JamPrime secured 20 top-tier links in a standout digital PR campaign for a travel client on Sunshine Saturday, featuring surveys, influencer insights, and broad media coverage

11 January 2024
Out of Shape in the Public Eye: The Warning Signs You Need Fitness PR

If negative social media sentiment, a dip in client retention, or competitors outshining your brand are red flags, it’s time for a strategic turnaround. Don’t wait until your brand is in dire straits – invest in Fitness PR to ensure a strong and positive presence in the ever-evolving fitness industry.

5 January 2024
Shape Up Your Brand: A PR Guide for Fitness Entrepreneurs in the New Year

In the fitness industry, PR is essential. Define your USP, craft narratives, use social media, engage with the media, host events, and leverage influencer marketing. Collaborate with JamPrime for enhanced coverage. Stay adaptable, build connections and ensure your brand thrives in the evolving wellness landscape.

1 January 2024
The Cost of Silence: Why Ignoring PR Can Hurt Your Q1 Strategy for 2024

Neglecting PR means lost visibility, crisis reactions, strained relationships, an untold story and demoralised teams. PR isn’t a luxury; it’s a strategic necessity. In a dynamic business world, silence is costly. Don’t ignore PR in Q1; let it be your strategic voice for success.

29 December 2023
Strategic PR Play: Elevating Your Business in Q1 of 2024

Q1 isn’t just about setting goals; it’s a strategic play that shapes your entire business trajectory. Let JamPrime assist in executing your PR strategy for unparalleled success in 2024.

25 December 2023
From Listings to Limelight: Signs Your Real Estate Business Needs a PR Boost

In real estate, standing out is essential. If your business lacks media coverage, social media presence, or community engagement, a PR boost is needed. Elevate with thought leadership, improve client relationships and control perception. JamPrime’s PR strategy transforms you from hidden gem to market leader. Shine in the limelight!

22 December 2023
How PR Opens Opportunities for the Property Industry

Unlock success in real estate with PR! Beyond listings, it’s about perception. PR builds trust, elevates visibility and connects businesses with communities. From challenges to opportunities, PR is the game-changer.

18 December 2023
Pitch Perfect: The Art of Entrepreneurial Storytelling in PR

Discover the impact of entrepreneurial storytelling with JamPrime. Our guide empowers entrepreneurs to connect, differentiate and thrive in the competitive landscape. Craft compelling narratives, engage your audience online and implement strategies for Pitch-Perfect storytelling. Partner with JamPrime’s industry experts to kick-start your success story today.

14 December 2023
Startup Media Relations: Building Industry Presence

Starting a new venture is thrilling. Success hinges on mastering media relations—build journalist ties, use SEO-friendly keywords and leverage social media for industry recognition. Identify target media outlets, foster genuine relationships and use social media for a strong presence. It’s an ongoing effort demanding dedication. Embrace these strategies, integrate industry-relevant keywords and see your startup soar. At JamPrime, we specialise in navigating the digital landscape for startup success.

11 December 2023
PR in the Digital Era: Navigating the Online Landscape

In today’s digital age, PR agencies face unique challenges while navigating the dynamic online landscape. As the demand for digital PR continues to rise, PR professionals need to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. If keeping pace seems challenging, fear not—this guide is here to assist you. By embracing these strategies, PR agencies can successfully navigate the digital landscape, achieve impactful results and stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

7 December 2023
Unleashing Creativity: JamPrime’s Transformative Role in Media Assignments

Embark on media magic with JamPrime—a journey into boundless creativity and expertise. Explore three impactful projects in digital PR collaboration with One Green Bean. Choosing JamPrime is an investment in transformative media assignments. Our dynamic approach, real-time editing and global reach make us your go-to partner for turning concepts into marvels. Join us on this expedition where creativity, collaboration and expertise define JamPrime.

6 December 2023
PR 101: Understanding Public Relations

PR is more than an organisational department; it’s a dynamic force, often engaging external agencies, driving businesses toward success. Understanding PR fundamentals, implementing strategic approaches and integrating key elements enable businesses to build robust relationships, manage reputation effectively and thrive in a competitive landscape.

4 December 2023
Building Trust in the Medical Industry: The Power of Public Relations

When individuals seek healthcare, they not only look for expert medical attention but also the confidence that their chosen healthcare providers are dependable, transparent and dedicated to their overall well-being. Let’s delve into the crucial role of Public Relations (PR) in building and sustaining trust within the medical sector.

30 November 2023
An image of a medical device, which is the feature image for the blog post "How PR Benefits People in the Medical Industry"
How PR Benefits People in the Medical Industry

Trust and credibility are essential and PR should be a first thought when looking to build and maintain a positive image in the medical industry.

27 November 2023
Montage of TUI PR Campaign Coverage Featuring 52 Top-Tier Media Links
How we secured 52 links of top tier coverage for our Digital PR client

Discover how we achieved an impressive 52 top-tier media links for our travel client by transforming a Christmas legend into a viral sensation.

23 November 2023
A web page showing a news article on a laptop, contrasting traditional press releases in the background.
Revolutionising Public Relations: The Shift from Press Releases to Page-Ready News

Explore the shift from traditional press releases to page-ready news copy, and how JamPrime is revolutionising PR by making stories more media-friendly and impactful

16 November 2023
Vintage typewriter with 'Stories Matter' written on the paper
How to Do PR: The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations in 2024

In today’s digital era, effective PR is pivotal for brand success. This guide demystifies PR tactics, emphasising clear objectives, audience engagement, and the power of storytelling. Dive into the essence of PR, learning how to craft impactful campaigns and navigate the media landscape to elevate your brand’s presence.

11 November 2023
Bold News Sign for Maximising Media Impact Article
Maximising Media Impact – Effective Tips for PR Success

To maximize media impact in PR, clear objectives, audience identification, and compelling storytelling are crucial. These elements, combined with strategic media planning, create impactful campaigns that resonate with audiences and achieve remarkable results

10 November 2023
Idividual holding a 'Planet over Profit' placard in a city setting, symbolising environmental activism for green public relations
Green PR: Navigating Eco-Friendly Branding Without Greenwashing

Discover the art of Green PR in our latest feature, exploring how businesses can promote their environmental initiatives genuinely without falling into the greenwashing trap. Learn from leading campaigns like Patagonia’s and IKEA’s, and understand the importance of transparency, credible certifications, and real impact in building an eco-conscious brand

9 November 2023
Two business professionals engaging in a firm handshake, symbolizing trust and partnership in the digital business world
What is Reputation Management and How Does it Work?

In the digital age, a sterling reputation is the lifeblood of any thriving business. It’s not just about managing crises—it’s about cultivating a brand that resonates with excellence and trust. Discover why proactive reputation management isn’t just good practice; it’s a strategic necessity for enduring success

9 November 2023
Two journalists engaged in a thoughtful discussion, representing the collaborative spirit of the media industry.
Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships With Journalists for solid PR opportunities

Discover the art of conversation between journalists, where stories come to life and ideas ignite. It’s the synergy in these exchanges that often shapes the narratives we see and hear in our daily news feed

9 November 2023
Prepare Your Brand for Crisis: Strategies for Effective Crisis PR

In the fast-paced digital landscape, securing your brand’s reputation is vital. This brief guide offers key Crisis Public Relations (PR) strategies for navigating challenges and strengthening your brand. From swift responses to consistent messaging, each tip is essential for PR success.

9 November 2023
Why Video Should Dominate Your PR Strategies in 2023

Video is set to be the linchpin of effective PR strategies. Why? Because it’s not just about virality—it’s about engagement and authenticity

2 October 2023
Reputation Management
Understanding Online Reputation Management: A Crucial Strategy for Brand Success in the Digital Age

Managing your online reputation is a necessity in today’s digital landscape. This article explores how monitoring and actively managing your online presence can significantly impact brand perception and business success.

2 October 2023
What is a Brand Consulting Service: Unpacking the Buzz

So, you’ve heard the buzz around “brand consulting” but not quite sure what the fuss is all about? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

2 October 2023
press release
Top News Angles for Crafting the Perfect Press Release

Unlock the power of effective communication with our guide on the best angles for a press release

2 October 2023
Lewis Capaldi and Netflix: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

It’s official: Lewis Capaldi has zero chill and we love him for it. The Scottish pop sensation recently took to social media to poke fun at a Netflix billboard promoting his upcoming documentary, ‘Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now.’ Except, it’s not him on the billboard, but an image of a young Liz Truss who […]

29 March 2023
Top Tips for Hiring a PR Agency – here’s everything you need to know

If you’re considering hiring a PR agency, we commend you for this excellent decision (and we’re not just saying that because we are one, promise). But here’s the thing: it can be a very difficult – and expensive – task if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. Not to worry, we’re […]

15 March 2023
How to Hire a publicist: Tips for Hiring a PR Firm

Most brands and businesses should use part of their marketing budget to hire a publicist, especially for public-facing organisations. This is just one more way that businesses can enjoy a competitive advantage in today’s hyper-competitive business space.

14 September 2022
Why entrepreneurs should consider hiring a PR firm

As an entrepreneur, even with a well-planned digital marketing strategy, entrepreneur PR can offer several benefits. You can help raise your media profile, establish your business as an expert in your field, manage your image, build your reputation, and help get your message across to your target audience calculatedly.

9 September 2022
Why PR for Content Creators is an awesome way to gain traction

The content creation industry is rapidly growing, expected to hit nearly £40 billion by 2030. Millions of people are launching businesses yearly, so there continues to be an unexpected demand for content and content creators. When looking at these two factors, it’s easy to see that content entrepreneurship will grow significantly over the next two years.

9 September 2022
Why Influencer Marketing is Essential for Your PR Strategy

You can no longer ignore that influential individuals can positively impact any brand or product, especially if influencer marketing was done correctly.

5 September 2022