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26 January 2024

This is how we landed 43 top-tier digital PR links for our marketing client

Discover how JamPrime secured 43 top-tier PR links for Stannp.com, transforming their direct mail business. From tackling email fatigue to leveraging physical mail’s impact, see our digital PR success story! #DigitalPR #SEO #LinkBuilding”

Montage of Top-Tier Media Coverage Secured by JamPrime for Stannp.com's Direct Mail Campaign

This is how we landed 43 top-tier digital PR links for our #marketing client!

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, success stories are not just about numbers; they’re about strategy, innovation, and the impact of well-executed campaigns. Today, I’m thrilled to share the story of how our team at JamPrime delivered remarkable results for our client, Stannp.com, a trailblazer in the direct mail space.

Our client is doing amazing things in the direct mail space. What started as a one-man band, Stannp.com, now employs 70 people, and the platform is projected to make £20 million from sales this year alone. 📈

They came to us looking to increase brand awareness. 📣

The JamPrime team commissioned stories via our news agency Jam Press around the brand’s rise to success and also about the use case of Stannp’s business and how it relates to the general public.

Working with Stannp, we found that the British public is suffering from ‘email fatigue’ with online retailers now sending physical letters to remind customers of items sitting in their digital shopping baskets.

Healthy food delivery firms and fashion businesses are among the types of companies taking to snail mail to encourage shoppers to return online and finish their purchase.

Others in the estate agency and utilities sectors also send letters and postcards featuring QR codes for easy digital access. 📭

A handful of retailers are even including a picture of the items that have been abandoned in the basket.

This revelation follows new data that shows that around 20–30% of marketing emails are opened, compared to 90% of post that comes through the letterbox!

This is a great news story! 📰

We distributed this story via the JamNewsWire, then we sat back with a cup of tea, and waited for the links to drop in. ☕

The result?

Top-tier news outlets published the article, with prominent links back to our client’s website.

Check out the coverage here:


If you like the sound of this and would like to discuss the potential results we can secure for you, the kettle is always on! 👋

#digialpr #seo #linkbuilding


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