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9 September 2022

Why entrepreneurs should consider hiring a PR firm

As an entrepreneur, even with a well-planned digital marketing strategy, entrepreneur PR can offer several benefits. You can help raise your media profile, establish your business as an expert in your field, manage your image, build your reputation, and help get your message across to your target audience calculatedly.

The modern world is all about personal image, so hiring a PR firm to tell you story to engaged audiences can offer several benefits and should form part of every entrepreneurs digital marketing strategy,

It can help raise your media profile, establish yourself as an expert in your field, build your reputation, and help get your message across to your target audiences in a controlled way.

Entrepreneurs that take advantage of public relations can enjoy better media coverage of their services, products, and platforms.

It’s one of the best ways to gain new exposure for your entrepreneurial ventures, whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business.

Today, entrepreneurs working with marketing strategists can implement an entrepreneur PR strategy to boost their target audience’s interest in their product or service.

In theory, this will increase revenue while building a loyal offline and online audience.

As part of an effective marketing strategy, PR helps to even out the playing field.

It is one of the best ways for entrepreneurs and startups to build relationships within their industry or niche.

PR Strategies For Entrepreneurs and Startups

PR is highly effective because it’s done using market-related data. This helps to minimise costs while targeting the audience that’s most likely to convert into clients or customers.

Any PR strategy for entrepreneurs typically includes public relations surveys administered to the target market, journalists, media platforms, and news companies.

These surveys can help provide a definitive guideline about general impressions and strategic direction.

How Does PR For Entrepreneurs Help?

Establish a Credible Brand

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs should take advantage of PR is to help establish a credible brand.

With so much competition out there, it’s essential that your target audience can relate to your brand on a personal level.

Using PR can make establishing a business in a competitive market easier, especially one overrun by competition and filled with uninformed clients.

Build Media Relations

A good PR strategy builds lasting relationships with journalists and media influencers.

This also helps with establishing a credible brand while working on getting the name of your business, product, or service out to the public.

These relationships can also expand your network and open your business to potential clients or investors.

PR Outreach

PR outreach is needed by entrepreneurs as part of the PR strategy, especially if building media relations is an important aspect.

This outreach is necessary to get in contact and build relationships with the journalists and media influencers with whom you’re hoping to share your business.

Outreach can also be used to understand your target audience better, and this data can be included as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Create Hype Around Your Product, Service, or Platform

One of the critical goals of any PR strategy is to create hype around your new product or service.

This can be done by starting news around a new trend, bringing attention to your new product or service, working with influencer marketers, or taking advantage of any other PR strategy.

Ultimately, the main goal needs to be creating hype or at least bringing awareness to what you’re getting to Market so you can start capitalising on this awareness and generate revenue or clients for your business.

Should You Hire an Entrepreneur PR Firm or Do It Yourself?

As an entrepreneur, you’re likely extremely busy running just about every aspect of your business.

That’s why it’s worth considering hiring an agency for your entrepreneur PR. While trying it out yourself can save money, it will not have the highest success rate.

PR firms like Jam Prime have an established base of long-standing connections, Media Partners, relationships with people within a wide range of industries, and everything an entrepreneur needs to launch their PR campaign.

Your startup could use the proper guidance of PR professionals to start your digital marketing strategy on the right foot.

To be fully transparent, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a PR firm or doing it yourself.

Doing Your Own PR as an Entrepreneur


Lower Costs

One of the most significant advantages of doing your entrepreneur PR is the lower costs you incur.

It will be cheaper to do PR on your own, although it will likely be less effective.

If you’re an entrepreneur or start-up on a very tight budget, it’s worth considering starting your PR until you have big enough funding to hire a firm.

Accurate Messaging

Most PR agencies work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups every year.

One problem is that your business message can get lost in the noise.

PR agencies will try their best, but you, as the entrepreneur and business owner, will know your business best and get the most accurate message across.

Personalised Experience

As an individual, you can provide a more personalised experience when you’re not working and building relationships with potential Media Partners and clients.

When you’re first starting, this can make it easier to build these relationships.

However, it’s a definite time-sink during a period when you’re supposed to be focusing on growing your business as fast as possible.

Disadvantages of Doing Your PR

You’re Not a Credible Source

Not only are you not a credible Source, but you’re also not going to have a network of trustworthy sources to rely on when you’re looking to build connections and share media online. PR agencies already have credible sources; you can use this set list of established relationships rather than making your own from scratch.

Time Consuming

There’s no doubting that public relations are a time-consuming activity. If you have an already busy schedule running your business, you may not have the time to dedicate to implementing and pursuing a proper public relations campaign.

Not Enough Skills or Knowledge

Unlike a PR agency, you will not have the necessary skills or knowledge to pursue an entrepreneur’s PR strategy effectively. Dedicated PR teams will have years of experience they can use and relationships they’ve built over the years that they can take advantage of.

Why You Should Hire an Entrepreneur PR Firm

As an entrepreneur, your best chances for success will come from working with others towards achieving your goals.

Ultimately, this would include working with an entrepreneur PR firm for your Public Relations needs.

Well-established PR firms will have connections and resources, access to extensive market research, and relationships that have already been built.

This means you can take advantage of a PR firm’s resources and implement an effective PR strategy from day one.

While there are some drawbacks, such as price and messaging, the benefits far outweigh these, and it makes sense for most entrepreneurs to work with a PR agency if the budget allows.

Get in contact with us here to find out how Jame Prime can help you.

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Why entrepreneurs should consider hiring a PR firm

As an entrepreneur, even with a well-planned digital marketing strategy, entrepreneur PR can offer several benefits. You can help raise your media profile, establish your business as an expert in your field, manage your image, build your reputation, and help get your message across to your target audience calculatedly.

9 September 2022

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