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23 November 2023

How we secured 52 links of top tier coverage for our Digital PR client

Discover how we achieved an impressive 52 top-tier media links for our travel client by transforming a Christmas legend into a viral sensation.

Montage of TUI PR Campaign Coverage Featuring 52 Top-Tier Media Links

We secured 52 links of top tier coverage for our Digital PR client.

This is how we did it.


PR agency One Green Bean came up with the concept for their client TUI to turn a Christmas legend in to a viral PR sensation

Market Research

The strategy involved Insightful market research which revealed children’s earnest efforts to be on Santa’s ‘good list’

Case Study

In comes Jackson, the charming Essex boy known for his humorous threat to Punch Santas Beard off. Jackson partnered with TUI as their ‘Chief Good List Officer’, promoting an enchanting Lapland trip contest.


Our team expertly produced a follow-up video featuring Jackson apologising to Santa


We crafted compelling copy that perfectly captured TUI’s message.

News Wire Distribution

Leveraging the Jam Press News wire, the story, enriched with text, images, and video, was strategically distributed.

Our targeted approach to journalists significantly broadened the campaign’s reach.


This strategic initiative yielded extraordinary results – 52 pieces of coverage across major UK publications, each featuring a link back to TUI’s competition.

This campaign illustrates how viral content can be leveraged for substantial PR gains, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.

Our capabilities extend to crafting expert insights, detailed case studies, and research-based narratives to achieve similar impactful results.

Interested in achieving similar results for your brand? Get in touch with us to explore the potential of innovative digital PR and effective link-building strategies.

See the full results here

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