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11 January 2024

Here’s how we landed 19 top-tier digital PR links for our travel client

Discover how JamPrime secured 20 top-tier links in a standout digital PR campaign for a travel client on Sunshine Saturday, featuring surveys, influencer insights, and broad media coverage

A couple joyfully running across a beach, embodying the spirit of holiday adventure and excitement, linked to JamPrime's digital PR campaign for Sunshine Saturday.

This campaign was a whopper, It had a bit of everything that JamPrime uses to secure coverage: great copy, surveys, video, influencers, etc.

Our travel client wanted to land coverage around Sunshine Saturday, traditionally the most popular day of the year to book a getaway.

Together, we came up with the perfect article that we knew editors and journalists would want to write.

(🤫 That’s the secret, guys: give them what they want!)

✅ We produced a study that showed us most Brits started looking for this year’s holiday on New Year’s Day and around four in 10 (37%) are likely to book a summer holiday around this time of year.

✅ We recruited TV psychotherapist Anna Williamson to create an awesome video revealing WHY our brain ‘needs’ a holiday and how many to take per year

✅ We produced page-ready news copy with full client sign-off.

✅ We scheduled our release to go out ahead of the big day.

✅ We distributed the content via our proprietary Jam Press news wire, targeting travel editors as well as news, video, and picture desks.

✅ We sat back with a piña colada in hand, dreaming of beach breaks and sun, and waited for the links to drop.

📈 The results?

Articles with links back to our client’s website on Mail Online, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, and more!

Check out the coverage here

Happy client, happy team!

If you want some of this Jam Link juice for your business in 2024, hit me up.

We are primed to help!

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