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5 January 2024

Out of Shape in the Public Eye: The Warning Signs You Need Fitness PR

If negative social media sentiment, a dip in client retention, or competitors outshining your brand are red flags, it’s time for a strategic turnaround. Don’t wait until your brand is in dire straits – invest in Fitness PR to ensure a strong and positive presence in the ever-evolving fitness industry.

Maintaining a positive public image is crucial for the success of any brand in the competitive world of fitness and wellness.

When your fitness business starts showing signs of being ‘out of shape’ in the public eye, it’s time to consider the powerful intervention of Fitness PR. In this guide, we will delve deeper into the warning signs that indicate your fitness brand might need a PR overhaul.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how strategic communication can help you not only address these issues but also regain and enhance your strength in the public eye.

Negative Social Media Sentiment

One of the first warning signs to look out for is a surge in negative sentiment on your social media channels.

If your brand is receiving criticism, complaints or a noticeable decline in engagement, it’s time to reassess your communication strategy. Fitness PR can conduct a thorough analysis of social media interactions, helping you address concerns, respond to feedback and regain control of your narrative.

Crafting a thoughtful and responsive approach on social media can turn negative sentiment into positive engagement.

Dip in Client Retention

A sudden decline in client retention rates is a red flag that something might be amiss.

Whether it’s dissatisfaction with services, miscommunication or an overall negative perception, Fitness PR professionals can implement corrective measures and communicate effectively to reassure your existing clientele.

By showcasing your commitment to addressing concerns, you can rebuild trust and loyalty.

Competitor Outshining

If your competitors seem to be outshining your brand in the public eye, it’s a clear indication that your PR strategy needs a revamp.

Fitness PR professionals can conduct a thorough analysis of your competitor landscape, identifying areas for impressive improvement and crafting a strategic plan to regain your competitive edge.

This might involve highlighting unique offerings, showcasing success stories or launching innovative campaigns that set your brand apart.

Misalignment with Brand Values

A brand that appears to be inconsistent or misaligned with its core values is likely to face public scrutiny.

Fitness PR can help realign your messaging with your brand values, ensuring that your audience perceives you as authentic and trustworthy. This is particularly important in an industry where authenticity is highly valued.

Fitness PR professionals can guide you in crafting messages that resonate with your values, creating a more cohesive and positive brand image.

Lack of Media Coverage

In an era where media coverage significantly impacts brand visibility, a lack of coverage can be detrimental.

If your fitness brand is not making waves in the media, it’s time to enlist the help of Fitness PR experts who can strategically position your brand. These professionals can identify newsworthy angles, create engaging stories and secure valuable media placements, ensuring that your brand remains in the public eye for all the right reasons.

Crisis Mishandling

How your brand handles crises can make or break your reputation.

If your fitness business has faced a crisis and the aftermath has left a stain on your image, Fitness PR can guide you through the process of crisis communication. Swift, transparent and well-managed responses can mitigate damage and rebuild trust.

Fitness PR professionals can help you develop a crisis communication plan, ensuring that your responses are timely, accurate and conducive to rebuilding a positive public perception.

Stagnant Growth

Stagnant growth is a clear sign that your brand needs a fresh approach to PR.

Fitness PR can help you identify untapped markets, devise targeted campaigns and create a buzz around your brand, fostering the growth you desire. By analysing market trends and consumer behaviour, Fitness PR professionals can provide valuable insights that inform your growth strategy.

This might include strategic partnerships, innovative marketing campaigns or the introduction of new services that resonate with your target audience.



Recognising the warning signs of being ‘out of shape’ in the public eye is the first step towards revitalising your fitness brand.

Fitness PR is not just about damage control, but also about strategic communication that propels your brand to new heights. Addressing negative sentiment, retaining clients, outshining competitors, aligning with values, securing media coverage, crisis management and fostering growth are all areas where PR can make a significant impact.

Don’t wait until your brand is in dire straits; invest in Fitness PR to ensure a strong and positive presence in the ever-evolving fitness industry. With the right PR strategy, your fitness brand cannot only weather challenges but emerge stronger and more resilient in the eyes of the public.

At JamPrime, our team have the right knowledge when it comes to Fitness PR. Do any of the warning signs above apply to you? Let’s get it sorted – simply fill out the form below and we’ll get started!

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