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15 March 2023

Top Tips for Hiring a PR Agency – here’s everything you need to know

If you’re considering hiring a PR agency, we commend you for this excellent decision (and we’re not just saying that because we are one, promise). But here’s the thing: it can be a very difficult – and expensive – task if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry. Not to worry, we’re […]

If you’re considering hiring a PR agency, we commend you for this excellent decision (and we’re not just saying that because we are one, promise).

But here’s the thing: it can be a very difficult – and expensive – task if you don’t know the ins and outs of the industry.

Not to worry, we’re about to give you the inside scoop.

Our juicy tips include everything other PR agencies don’t want you to know – like why you should never hire a firm without checking their credentials and what you can (and should) expect as a paying client.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

What is a PR Agency?

It might sound a bit basic but understanding what a PR agency is and how it can help your brand is crucial to the process.

First, let’s bust the myth that PRs are only good for writing press releases and schmoozing journalists (most don’t have the time or inclination to be wine and dined anymore).

In reality, the industry has evolved so much that digital media services now include everything from helping you build a campaign to creating custom-made videos, social media strategy to media training and crisis management.

We could go on but you get the gist.

With that in mind, here’s our biggest tip: don’t settle.

If the agency you’re considering doesn’t offer what your business needs, they are not the agency for you.

(Just in case you’re curious, JamPrime offers pretty much everything…).

Don’t splash the cash on advertorials

Back in the day, PRs talked a lot about advertising value equivalent or rather, AVE.

Basically, they would tell you whatever the value is of the coverage you get and use this as a metric.

Here’s the thing though; AVE means nothing if it’s a ‘paid’ feature or advertorial, because the audience will recognise that it’s not a ‘earned’ coverage.

In short: you want a PR agency that will get your brand featured organically, not by asking you to spend lots of money on paid placement (unless you’re after advertising, which is a different ballgame altogether).

With us, you’ll always get ‘earned coverage’, which has serious staying power unlike flashy ads that only last a minute (and don’t rank as highly on Google).

Through earned coverage, customers will see real media coverage about your business, which builds trust – and that’s priceless.

What do I need to consider before hiring a PR Agency?

Finding the right PR agency is like finding the right pair of shoes – you want something that is comfortable, is long-lasting and will take you to all of the right places.

Here are our top questions to ask yourself before you take the plunge.

Have you got the budget?

You definitely don’t want your PR dreams crushed by a lack of funds, so budgeting is the very first thing to consider.

There’s nothing worse than having a great idea and not being able to see it through due to poor planning.

Decide what your needs are, starting with: are you after a one-time campaign or do you want a retainer service?

If you’re hosting an event or some form of launch party, what is your dream end goal and how much money are you willing to splash on it?

Most PR agencies will put together a quote for you based on your needs but it’s always helpful to share what your budget looks like, so they (we – come talk to us) can give you a real idea of what your money will get you.

At JamPrime, we’ll always give you a truthful answer and if the budget won’t stretch to what you’re after – don’t worry, we are always happy to brainstorm alternatives to get you as close to the dream as possible.

Define your goals

Okay, so you know how much money you’ve got to play with but what do you want that money to achieve?

Before you go off launching a PR campaign, you need to figure out your goals are and what deliverables you expect.

Identifying your objectives before you start your journey helps keep you focused and ensures a smoother ride.

If you’re stuck or don’t know exactly what the end product will be, we’re here to help.

Sometimes a nugget of an idea is enough to get the ball rolling; we’ll work with you to determine what you need to make your PR campaign a success.

Who has used the PR agency?

Finding a great PR agency is like getting through a complicated maze to reach the prize in the middle.

The way there is by using a map so you don’t go down the wrong route (in other words, choose the wrong agency).

One of the best ‘maps’ to use is a PR agency’s track record, checking out their existing or former clientele.

Did they help others achieve their dreams? Ask around and see if others you know have had a positive experience with them.

Look at past campaigns and see if the agency you’re considering has a good history of earning coverage for their clients.

And don’t be afraid to ask a PR agency to prove their track record. If they can’t, it’s usually a bad sign…

Have a clear brief ready

When you team up with a PR agency, be prepared to get quizzed just as much as you’re quizzing them.

Yes, your goals are important but there’s more to a brief than that.

You’ll also need to figure out who your target audience is so your message reaches the right people. Another key factor to consider is the message you want to deliver and how you want your brand or business to be seen.

Think about what story you want to tell and what message you want to put out into the world – what is your business really about?

By sharing some background information (don’t be afraid to dig deep), your desired PR agency can get a better grasp of how to deliver for you and help highlight how to best make your brand stand out in the media.

What can JamPrime do for you?

Look, we have to include this or the marketing team will tell us off, okay?

At JamPrime, we don’t just write stories that hit random news desks or are sent out via outdated press lists – we’re talking top-tier news outlets across the globe.

We’re not like other PR agencies and yes, we know everyone says that but we can prove it.

You see, unlike most firms, our team is packed with editors, journalists and researchers who have all worked for the world’s leading news publishers.

We know what pulls a journalist’s attention and how to create stories that land (remember that earned coverage we talked about above? That’s our speciality).

And we don’t just stop at writing amazing articles.

We offer a whole host of other services to elevate your brand to new heights.

From media relations to online reputation management, brand consultancy to graphic design and branding, we’ve got you covered.

Even if you’re not looking for media coverage right now, we can help you in other areas or give you some examples of our work.

Drop us a line and let’s have a chat!

Still unsure of the benefits of media relations?

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