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PR Crisis

imageWhile the problem typically doesn't lie within thecrisis itself,what's concerning is thedamagethat's done when the crisis isn't properlymanaged.

For any crisis, for any business or organisation, it's important to respond as quickly, authentically, and as effectively as possible to mitigate any damage and control the situation moving forward.

That's why it's important to work with a crisis management consultant - a service we offer right here at our PR agency, Jam Prime. Our skilled and experienced team has the expertise and access to resources needed to guide you through any crisis your business is going through.

Big Issues

Our Crisis Management PR Team

At Jam Prime, our team of crisis management consultants and experts have handled a number of high profile issues for our clients.

Working together with your team, we've successfully been able to turn around unpleasant narratives and get business perceptions back on track with an emphasis on timeliness and efficiency.

Knowing that how a business handles a crisis can have a direct impact on their reputation, we’re adept at guiding businesses back towards their positive reputation and perception.

Instead of focusing on emergencies and crises as a negative, our team can help turn these concerns into an opportunity that helps grow your brand and public image.

How does online reputation management work?
How does online reputation management work?
How does online reputation management work?


Best Solutions

At its core, our crisis management team works by discovering or creating the best possible solution when there is an incident or serious concern related to your business or organisation. In most cases, these crises are time sensitive and any competent crisis management team needs to be ready to spring into place to start working immediately.


Considered Crisis

It's impossible to predict when your business or organization is going to fall into crisis. To fully take advantage of the best crisis management strategy, risk management and incident response always needs to be considered.


Be Prepared

To summarize, crisis management is the process of preparing your business or organization for any disruptive or unexpected emergency situations and ensuring that these situations are managed properly as to not negatively affect your business.


Your crisis management questions, answered

A crisis management plan is a plan that businesses will follow if there is a disruptive or unexpected emergency situation. Many crisis management consultants, such as those at Jam Prime, are able to tailor a custom plan that best fits the needs of your business. Rather than waiting until the crisis occurs, the best strategy is to build a crisis management plan beforehand so that it’s ready to be implemented if there happens to be an emergency or unexpected event.

Crisis management isn’t just one single thing that a business or organization can focus on. It comprises three distinct phases – the pre-crisis, crisis response, and the post-crisis. It’s a good idea to have a strategy in place for each of these phases as a way to mitigate any damaging outcomes by being unprepared for an unexpected emergency. Having a plan for each of these stages helps to prevent or lessen any potential damage that a crisis could cause to a business or organization.

It’s impossible for us to provide an accurate estimate that would be relevant to most of the businesses and organizations we would work with. Instead, we would love to hear more about your business, your organization’s goals, and how we can work together to include crisis management for your business.

Yes, because most crises are time sensitive it’s important that you have a plan in place and that your business knows exactly what to say and what to do if there happens to be a crisis. This is especially important for high-profile businesses with public reputations, as a crisis has the potential to cause serious damage to the reputation of any business.

Still unsure of the benefits of crisis management?

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