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Domino’s – Rocket Man


imageOur brilliant client, One Green Bean, came to use to help them execute their ingenious idea for their client, Domino's.


Domino's - Rocket Man

In cahoots with One Green Bean’s creative wizards, we put our heads together and assembled a team of drone pilots, photographers and videographers. Our team were assembled at Domino’s in Glastonbury town centre and at a campsite nestled close to the festival hub, to execute this incredible PR stunt.

Under the watchful eye of Nick Hearne, Creative Director at One Green Bean, our crew set out to turn this concept into a living, breathing (and flying!) reality. They captured breathtaking footage of the jetpack pilot soaring through the skies, pizza box on his back, on a mission to feed the hungry festival-goers.

Once the footage was secured, our trusty team got down to the nitty-gritty. We worked our skills on the stills, drone footage and video footage. Not to mention, offering expert advice on the perfect wording to accompany all the visual goodness! When everything was polished and signed off, our in-house news wire, Jam Press took the reins.

Jam Press sprinkled some media magic on the content and unleashed it to the four corners of the globe. The result? It literally took off. There was instant online fame with coverage popping up on a bunch of top-tier news websites like the MailOnline, the Mirror, The Sun and even the New York Post. Print shows appeared in several UK national publications and engagement across social media platforms soared.

The story of Domino’s jetpack pizza delivery at Glastonbury was a whirlwind of creativity, collaboration, flying pizza and festival-goers. It combined the spirit of music, joy of pizza and the power of a jetpack. It’s a story that will be remembered for years to come, just like those legendary Glastonbury moments. What was it that Elton John said in Rocket Man? “And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time…”

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