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Media Relations

imageAtJamPrime,our strategic media relations service helps businesses and companies withbrandmanagement, marketpositioning,project management andstrategicthinking.

Our goal is to help you establish your brands message and communicate it to the right people

Why your business needs a media relations service

Having a good reputation is always important, regardless of what kind of business you’re running.

Consumers put their trust in businesses and companies that nurture their online persona and brand.

Media relations combined with other marketing techniques such as social media marketing should form an important part of your company’s communications strategy.

Taking advantage of a media relations service to get the right message in front of your audience at the right time can help for building brand awareness, educating your customers about your products and services, and build your reputation.

How does media relations work?
How does media relations work?
How does media relations work?


Inform the public

With our media relations service, this involves working with the media to inform the public of the mission, practices, services, and even products of your business or company in a way that is consistent, credible, and positive.


Connect to news platforms

Falling under the public relations umbrella, we work directly with news and information platforms to get your message out.


Build relationships

Media relations in PR capitalises on the relationship that our company has developed with journalists, reporters, and editors of various national media platforms.


Broaden coverage

Some of the services included in our media relations package include media outreach, writing, editorial calendar development, story idea generation, coverage tracking, media training, news monitoring, and more.


Your media relations questions, answered:

There are a number of ways businesses and organisations can benefit from media relations. These include things like credibility, reaching a broader audience, the ability to share your story, making it possible to control any internal crises, building beneficial relationships, and so much more. As part of any digital marketing or PR strategy, it’s important to be taking advantage of media relations – something we can definitely help your organisation with.

With any strategy, there are of course some disadvantages of PR. These include media relations being difficult to measure, the involvement in a turbulent industry (media), and the inability to guarantee results. However, a media relations strategy that is properly implemented will provide benefits that far outweigh any of the perceived disadvantages.

It’s impossible for us to provide an accurate estimate that would be relevant to most of the businesses and organisations we would work with. Instead, we would love to hear more about your business, your organisation’s goals, and how we can work together to include PR as part of your marketing effort.

Still unsure of the benefits of media relations?

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