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Brand Consultancy

imageAtJamPrime,our brand consultancy services helpbusinessesandcompanieswith brand management, market positioning, project management andstrategicthinking.

Your brand shows the world who you are

Strategic Thinking

Why your business needs a brand consultant

Our team of brand strategists will work with your business to conduct an in-depth market analysis. This will help us analyse your competition, their market intent and then use this information to grow your online presence.

As we’re able to get to know your main competitors, we can build a strategy to outrank them.

Our consultants will help your business with strategy and design. Whether you need to reinvigorate your brand, are ready to target a new market, introduce a new product line, want to build a clearer customer profile and achieve company goals, we have the experience and team to help.

Brand consulting is designed to drive results by providing clarity, insight and guidance. It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure that your brand is a key driver of your business' performance.

How does brand consulting work?
How does brand consulting work?
How does brand consulting work?


Refine Your Brand

We’ll work together with your company to define, sharpen and grow its reputation over time. A more refined profile will allow you to narrow focus on your brand and in doing so, boost performance and drive future sales.


Your Potential

Taking advantage of our brand consulting services is one of the best ways to activate the full potential of your company or business. To make sure we're hitting all areas, our team will assume a range of different roles, tailored to your needs.


Uncover Insights

We’ll work with you and your team to uncover valuable insights, develop new strategies and enhance both your brand’s design and the approach it takes to digital communications.


Your brand consulting questions, answered

Under the Jam Prime umbrella, there are a number of services our clients have access to. This includes things like developing a clearer identity, message statements, developing a marketing tool laterals, creating a marketing strategy, developing a customer persona or even choosing a business or product name.

This is an in-depth plan that encompasses all of the specific – both short- and long-term goals – that will contribute to the success of your brand. A strategy is necessary for making your brand relatable, identifiable and telling a story about who you are.

Yes, at Jam Prime we can help with all aspects of business branding. Our full package includes all of the necessary resources to build a unified customer experience that your business can use to create a brand. Whether you need help choosing a logo, constructing a story or advice on fonts and brand colours, we can help.

It’s hard for us to give an approximation of how much branding costs because the costs are different for each client and their individual needs. If you’re interested in our services, don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can provide you with the most accurate quote, perfectly tailored to your business requirements.

Yes! We have years of experience in helping clients create and refine their brands. By using our services, we can help you develop the best possible image for your company, allowing you time to focus on other important areas of the business.

It’s also an affordable alternative for smaller businesses that don’t need to hire in-house but still want to portray a unique image and story.

Want to know more about the benefits of brand consulting?

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Our Strategic Brand Consulting Services



During this stage we’ll gather information and analyze the findings to get to know your business, industry, competitors, target audience and all of your existing branding and design.



This stage sets the tone of your communication and sets the rallying point for your team when it comes to brand values and business direction.



Design is what sets your brand apart from the competition. This is where branding culminates into the image that truly represents your business.