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TUI – Senior Slider


imageOne Green Bean approached us for help on a media assignment for their client, TUI, and we were more than happy to assist.


TUI - Senior Slider

So, what’s the deal? One Green Bean had this wild idea to celebrate a whopping 100 years of holiday resort water slides by launching a competition to find ‘TUI’s first-time senior slider’. Yep, you guessed it - they were on the lookout for someone who’d never taken the plunge down a water slide before!

First up, we tackled part one of the media assignment. Teaming up with One Green Bean, we did a bit of research to figure out when Brits start feeling like they’re hitting their senior years. This research was our way of announcing the competition, and guess what? Our survey uncovered that not many Brits in their golden years had ever dared to try a water slide.

TUI also wanted to shout from the rooftops about the epic water slides at their holiday spots. So, our in-house news wire Jam Press took this research-driven story and tossed it into the media mix, which got everyone talking. This news story sparked a flood of entries to the competition and before you knew it, OGB and TUI had found their senior slider.

Now, onto part two of the media assignment.

TUI whisked the lucky competition winner off to one of their sunny resorts near Antalya, Turkey. And who do you think was there to capture the heart-pounding moment when this brave soul took their first water slide plunge? You guessed it - us, the JamPrime gang! We came prepared with a drone pilot, videographer, a stills expert and a wordsmith to capture the whole shebang.

Once we were back on home turf, we gathered up all the footage we’d collected - the video, the stills and the jaw-dropping drone shots. With our expertise, we turned it all into an epic film and then after packaging it up for media, we sent this masterpiece out into the news universe, landing coverage on some top-notch UK national websites.

The TUI Senior Slider project was a thrilling journey of creativity, discovery, partnership and compelling storytelling. Together with TUI and One Green Bean, we celebrated a century of holiday resort waterslides, gave a first-time senior slider the opportunity to embrace the water slide and crafted an engrossing story to capture the eyes of the media.

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